Specializing in pet and livestock photography
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I have many very different pet related trades/fields in my background.  My family had racing Quarter Horses so I grew up around the track.  Since we bred and raised them I also spent many a summer working with foals and yearlings.  Along with the horses we had farm dogs, cats and even one very special goat, Herma.  I also worked with a West Highland White Terrier breeder and got to spend time with puppies and show dogs.  I have worked in a veterinarian clinic and ended up in human healthcare.  However, animals have always played a very large role in my life.  If I am without a pet I start not feeling complete.  There’s something about a pet or animal that you have a special bond with that keeps life fun, exciting and always full of love.  I have been blessed to have family that have a background in photography so have great photos of almost all of the special animals in my life.  Everyone needs to have an incredible photo of the pet/animal in their life that shows the soul that shines out through their eyes.  Many people put off having the photo taken thinking that they don’t have time to groom their dog or that their cat just isn’t coping well with strangers.  Pets don’t have long lives but they leave such important memories behind.  Call or email me to set up a photoshoot for your pet/animal.

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